About the Baton Rouge Community

Welcome to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a place of learning, living and continuous growing. Baton Rouge is just a stone’s throw away from the Mississippi River, one of many reasons this cozy southern town is the perfect place to call home.
Baton Rouge is a city rooted in history, tradition and Southern culture. This urban hotspot is the perfect blend of powerful city attractions and warm, welcoming communities. Baton Rouge homes for sale are popular, whether you’re an incoming LSU student, a young working professional, or a family looking to settle down.
Pervading the Baton Rouge real estate market is a city with great depth and soul.
Baton Rouge’s local arts and entertainment offerings are as diverse as the people who live in the area. The city is a musical mecca, offering the sultry sound of smooth jazz, mellow blues, or classic R&B. In summer many venues open their doors for free concerts and performances. Fine arts fans will love the abundance of art galleries and museums, many of which play host to art created by Louisiana State University's (LSU) finest emerging artists. Nature enthusiasts will love the city’s countless public green spaces and botanical gardens that are filled with gorgeous local plants and perfect picnic spots.
You’ll find a shopping stop for your every need in Red Stick’s many shopping centers and boutiques. From fresh organic produce, to locally designed fashion, or one-of-a-kind gift ideas, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs and your budget.
As for festivals and concerts, newcomers to the city will be pleasurably stunned by the offerings in Baton Rouge. There are so many remarkable attractions for people of all ages and interests, including summer concerts, touring theater productions, interesting and "cool" science and fantasy exhibits that  free evenings and weekends fill up fast.
Baton Rouge is more than an urban center with Southern sensibilities. Here you’ll find culture, community, vibrancy and a thousand different ways to start an exciting and enriching chapter of your life. 
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